Website Spotlight

Eltham North Preschool

More and more parents want information about their local Kindergartens and for this to occur it would be advantageous to have a website based on the Pre School.

The Kindergarten IT Program created the website and worked with our volunteer to develop the unique banner and design, add web pages, add information about the Preschool and provided a Website Development Training Session.

The website is now managed by a volunteer parent at the Preschool. When it was shown to the Committee the feedback was tremendous! One of the staff members who has been with the preschool for 17 years said We have wanted a website for years but wed never been able to get the ball rolling. The new website is fantastic and exactly what we needed!

The Committee feels that the website is now the quickest and easiest way to communicate with current families and the best way to inform prospective families about the kinder programs and wonderful facilities. We are very happy with the overall look and the content and now that it is all set up, it should only need minor updates from time to time, which will be relatively easy for us to manage." - Eltham North Preschool

View the Eltham North Preschool website; home.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/elthamnorthpreschool