Course Outline -
Introduction to KIM - 801
(Kindergarten Information Management System)

The session steps through the tasks of applying for Early Start and Year Before School funding, entering data for workforce, program and enrolments including uploading enrolments as a CSV file. During the session participants are provided with access to a training environment. Participants do not need to bring a laptop and do not need to have an Edu pass.

Our course provides an introduction to the KIM platform for new users. More experienced users such as Organisational Administrators will already be familiar with the tasks covered.

Duration: 3 hours

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About the Kindergarten Information Management System (KIM)

What is KIM?

KIM is an online platform for funded service providers to complete mandatory data collection, apply for funding, update information relevant to funding and also to commence, re-commence and cease funding for services.

Who uses KIM?

KIM is used by Victoria's funded service providers to provide information and applications to the Department of Education and Training. The Department uses the platform to update service providers on the progress of applications and to conduct mandatory data collection.

Where to find out more

State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training) publishes a page dedicated to KIM with comprehensive quick reference guides and contact details for support. https://www.education.vic.gov.au/childhood/providers/funding/Pages/kinderim.aspx