April, 2014

Tip –Scan your computer for viruses

Simply having Antivirus software installed on your computer does not mean it will always be a virus free environment. You can run a scan with anti-virus software to check for computer viruses and remove any found.

The Kindergarten IT Program provides AVG version 2013 Antivirus software, you may have your own alternative Antivirus software.

Run a monthly scan

Scanning can be between 30 minutes to multiple hours depending on how many programs and files you have on your computer.

Steps for using AVG to scan your computer:

1. Double click on the AVG icon on your desktop

2. Click on the bars next to “Scan now”

3. Choose "Scan Whole Computer"

4. Remove all detected files/cookies/viruses found after the scanning

5. Set up a regular (monthly) scans under “Manage Schedule Scans

6. Select the scan to “Run at specific times” and click Save

Download this Tip as a .PDF Tip–Scan your computer for viruses.pdf

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