Tip – Think Green IT!

Everyone can do their bit for the environment and reduce costs, simply by being smart about how they use Information Technology. Here are some green IT tips to get you thinking...

All powered up

Have a look at current business practices to see where you’re using energy. How many computers, printers, phones, scanners, faxes and other electronic devices are turned on? How are they used? How much energy do they consume?

Turn off and unplug

The easiest way to reduce energy consumed by IT equipment is to switch it off.

• Shut down and turn off computers at night

• Even during the day, turn printers and fax machines off when no one is using them

• Adjust PC power options to ‘power down’ after a certain amount of time (reducing power usage)

To adjust your PC Power options;

1. Go to Start Menu/ Control Panel/ Power Options

2. Select Power Saver option/ Change plan settings

3. Change ‘Turn off the display' to 5 minutes

4. Change ‘Put the computer to sleep’ to 15 minutes and Save Changes

Reduce & recycle

Another way to have less impact on the environment is to reduce consumption of paper.

• Create, edit and view documents in electronic format rather than printed form

• Send documents by email rather than fax or post

• Old printer cartridges, old cell phones, and paper can all be recycled. Some computer vendors, such as Dell, have programs to take back computers and peripherals for recycling.

Print smart

Of course sometimes you have to print, but there are ways to reduce the cost and the environmental impact.

• Adjust printer settings so margins are the minimum width (to get more print per page)/p>

• Make double-sided printing the default setting

To make double-sided printing the default setting;

1. Go to Start Menu/ Control Panel/ Printers & Faxes

2. Right click on the printer name and select Printing Preferences

3. Change the Print Type to 2 Sided, click Default then click OK.

Spread the word ‘Green’

Everyone should take some ownership for green IT initiatives. Share the responsibility and ideas and include all employees when thinking green.

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