December, 2014

Tip – Protect your computer and data

The following computer maintenance tips can help protect your computer and all the data it holds.

To protect your computer and data we recommend:

• Do not use file sharing programs (Torrents) as they pose a major security concern to your computer, all the files on your computer and your privacy

• Only open email attachments if they are from a trusted source. Learn more;
Tip - Identify Spam Email (http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-SpamEmail.html)

• Before opening any new files, including those downloaded from the Internet, USB sticks, Rewritable CD’s or Portable Hard Disks, you should always scan for Viruses first by right-clicking on the File or Folder and select ‘scan for viruses’

• Always allow Anti-virus and Windows updates to complete. Learn more;
Tip –Scan your computer for viruses(http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Virusscan.html)

• Be wary of websites that offer free software, prizes or request personal information. These sites can often contaminate your computer with spy ware. Learn more;
Tip – Computer Virus beware!(http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Virusbeware.html)

• Backup your files regularly and keep them in a safe place, on a separate device such as a portable hard disk or USB Drive to prevent data loss due to physical damage, theft, fire or other unforeseen circumstances. Learn more; Tip - Perform a file cleanup (http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Performafilecleanup.html)

• Use a surge protector device on the power board to protect equipment if there is a power outage. Learn more; Tip – Surge Protection (http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-SurgeProtection.html)

• Learn more; Tip – Caring for your computer (http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Caringforyourcomputer.html)

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