Tip - Prepare documents for email

Sometimes you may not be able to send an email if the attachment is too large.

We suggest the maximum size of attachments in one email is 2 MB (to check the size of a file, right click on it and select Properties). If you attach files larger than that the email software will take a very long time to send the email or return an error/failed message.

There are a few ways that you can prepare your document for email distribution.

Compress images in a Word document;

If a Word document has a lot of images/ pictures in it, it might be too large to send. You can compress the images in Word to reduce the file size:

1. Within your Word document, double click on one of the pictures to open the Format ribbon for Picture Tools

2. From the Adjust group select the Compress Pictures button

3. Select Target output: Email and press OK.

Your images will be resized and compressed to make them more suitable for emailing.

Save a document as PDF for email;

The PDF format is useful for digital distribution as the viewer is freely available. The document will be un-editable and look consistent and professional regardless of what computer it is viewed on. PDFs result in a smaller file size compared to Word documents which can be essential for emailing.

1. In your Word document, from the 'Save As' sub-menu of the Office Button select 'PDF or XPS'.

Tip: If you don't have the option to Save as PDF in Word 2007 then your copy of Word 2007 needs an update from Microsoft. Copy paste the URL into your web browser to download the update: ‘2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS’

2. Name the document and save in a location you can find it

3. Check that the ‘Save as type’ is PDF

4. Before pressing the ‘Publish’ button, take note of the ‘Optimize’ options. If your document is large and contains many pictures select 'Minimum size'

Compress multiple files to a ZIP folder;

You can compress the size of files using a Windows program installed on the computer (WINZIP or 7ZIP). Word documents can be compressed by 10% of their original size.

1. Select the files to compress

2. Right-click on the mouse and choose Send to/ Compressed (zipped) folder

3. A new ZIP folder will appear with a copy of the compressed files.

Download this Tip as a .PDF document: Tip - Prepare documents for email

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