Tip - Create an online presence for your Kindergarten

It’s useful to have an online presence for your Kindergarten that provides a quick and easy way for your audience to find you and access information and resources over the Internet.

Planning your online presence

In planning how you will create an online presence, firstly identify your audience, what it is they want and order these things in priority. This will help you plan what key information you want to communicate online.

Design & ‘User’bility

Consider visitor behaviour (scrolling, different screens) – browsers are happy to scroll and click through pages, but won’t read through loads of text. There are tips to help in the design phase, such as highlighting relevant key words, reducing the word count, replacing text with images & having a clear layout and design.

Search Engine optimisation

If you’re going to make your online presence public you need to promote it! Just by creating something online doesn’t mean it will automatically be found through an Internet Search Engine such as Google. There are thousands of sites to compete with.

To make your site search-engine friendly include keywords, have an identifiable web address (URL) and promote your site! More visitors will increase its popularity in web search results.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, refer to our Guide: Finding your Website, suggestions to help get your website found on the web.

What CMS is right for you?

CMS (content management system) simply means a computer application that allows you to create and edit the content and publish it online.

There are different types of CMS so which one is right for you? You could create a website, a simple website in LightNEasy CMS or a more advanced website in Wordpress CMS, just to name 2.

Some Kindergartens use Social Media pages such as Facebook to establish online communities and encourage people to contribute and share content.

Other Kindergartens manage a Blog as their main online presence. Blogs are less formal than a website, updated regularly with activities & in a conversation style.

Some examples

Here we put a spotlight on two Kindergartens who have created an online presence recently…

Blog Spotlight - Manangatang & District Pre School (Edublogs)
Website Spotlight - St Peters Kindergarten (LightNEasy CMS)

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