Tip - Caring for your computer

Itís important to care for your computer so it will continue to function well and have a long life span.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to help it last longer and require less maintenance:

Avoid dusty or dirty work environments; regular vacuuming of the carpet and wiping down of desks can stop a heavy build-up of dust collecting on the computer, which can cause mechanisms to overheat

If your computer looks like the one in this picture please call us to arrange to have it cleaned.

Normal household cleaning sprays, liquids and vacuuming can be harmful to your computer.
You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the monitor screen and lightly shake dirt out of the keyboard.

Avoid eating or drinking near the computer, keep liquids well away to avoid spillages.

Keep magnets away; magnetic fields can erase information

Donít place extra things on the computer case; as itís not made to support extra weight

Install a surge protector; this will protect your computerís power supply from electrical surges, refer to our Tip - Surge Protection for more information

You should also consider these tips when using your computerÖ

Save your work first and often; should a program or computer crash suddenly you wonít loose your work

Close all programs before shutting down properly; many processes are running in the background, pressing the off button without shutting down properly can cause file corruption and system errors

Check Anti-virus software; ensure Anti-virus software is installed and run automated updates

Empty the Recycle Bin; Files deleted from your computer are moved to the recycle bin, but they still take up hard-disk space, to permanently delete files, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon and choose ĎEmpty Recycle Biní.

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