Tip - Can’t send emails? How to troubleshoot the issue

Sometimes, you can’t send emails because of an “Outgoing Mail Server error”.

There are a few reasons why this might happen, here are some ways you can troubleshoot the issue;

1. Check the Internet Connection (you can’t send emails without being connected to the Internet)

2. Check large email attachments (an email won’t be able to send if the attached files are too large)

3. Check the recipient email address (There might be a spelling mistake in the email address your trying to send to)

4. Check the Internet Service Provider (This only refers to when you’re working out of the office, and it gets a bit tricky so we have provided an explanation below)

Email Programs (such as Windows Mail or Outlook) have two servers; an ‘Incoming Mail Server’ & an ‘Outgoing Mail Server’.

The ‘Outgoing Mail Server' handles the sending of your emails across the Internet and the settings for it depend on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you use.

For example, at your Kindergarten you’re likely to use the Internet Service we provide and your Email Program ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ will have our (ISP) settings.

If you have a laptop/ tablet/ computer you use at Kinder and take it home, you may not be able to send emails because you are using a different Internet Service Provider to the Kindergarten (such as Telstra or Optus).

In this case, you would need to change the Email Program ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ setting to your home Internet Service Provider.

Or a quick & easy solution, if you are out of the office and need to access and send emails, you can use Webmail; https://webmail.kindergarten.vic.gov.au

Learn more about Webmail, read our Tip – Accessing emails through Webmail; http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Webmail.html

Learn more about emailing documents, read our Tip – Prepare documents for Email; http://www.kindergarten.vic.gov.au/Tip-Preparedocumentsforemail.html

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