Tip Add Victorian Modern Cursive Script font in Word.

This Tip applies to Windows PC Users. For more information and Mac user instructions refer to the DEECD website; www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/teachingresources/discipline/english/Pages/handwriting.aspx

1. Click on this link; Regular and Bold fonts - PC format (ZIP - 30Kb) : Click Here

2. Select Open with Windows Explorer then press OK

3. In the new window you will see two files. Click on Extract All files button on the Toolbar. Then click Extract once more.

4. When the next Window opens, right click on each of the files and select Install

5. Close all the open Windows.

6. Open the Microsoft Word Program

7. Go to Home > Font > and search for Victorian Modern Cursive

Download this Tip as a PDF; Tip - Add Victorian Modern Cursive font in Word.pdf

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